For over forty years Tipolito Valmarecchia makes their own productions with artisan skills and care for the new printing technologies. The Valloni family hands down the art of typography from father to son.

Gianluca Valloni personally oversees the company's customers during all stages of processing and advises them on paper type, packing kind, and most suitable printing techniques for the result to be obtained within budget and timelines.

Thank to the owner’s wide experience and his skilled workers, nowadays Tipolito Valmarecchia is a landmark for professionals, merchants and companies, not only in the Romagna area but throughout Italy.





quality productions

Specialized in offset printings,

Tipolito Valmarecchia produces prints for each and every customization, by using also special pantone colors in addition to the four-color process, including metallic and fluorescent colors, thermo relief production, embossing, hot gold and silver impression, dinkings, UV polishing and lamination.


Even the use of paper is critical to the

production’s character. Besides the traditional hand and coated use, Tipolito Valmarecchia offers a very wide range of fine finished papers, in addition to plastic materials and natural fabrics.


Cutting, folding and binding, artistic also,

complete the work that Tipolito Valmarecchia

carries out with skill and precision.


art editions

Tipolito Valmarecchia supports art by producing

high quality catalogs of emerging artists.


The art catalogs issue is an important ground to develop new printing techniques and experience innovative solutions.





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Gianluca Valloni is pleased to accommodate your

request and will even amaze you with the prices.

Ask for a quote for the production of corporate coordinates,

advertising material, foldings, brochures, catalogs and editorial volumes.


If you want to visit us, we are in: Via Marecchiese 1350, Sant'Ermete - RIMINI

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If you want to call us dial : +39 0541 75 88 14



tradition and technology

tradition and technology

quality productions

art editions


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